Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Great Blog - It's an AD thing...

As much as I try to do my bit for mental health in this country, talented young people continue to go into the productions side of the film industry.

If they are going to endure the pain, they deserve our support.

One of them is a great young AD in Texas named Michelle.  She has a wonderful blog called "It's an AD thing you wouldn't understand."  She has posts ranging from discussions of the nuts-and-bolts of production, to the daily woes on set.

She posted a production tic-tac-toe a few months back that had many of my friends howling.

If you enjoy my blog, I'm certain you will enjoy hers.  I follow her here, but I see her blog doesn't come up at the top of the blogs I follow, so I hereby provide you the link below :

We AD's may seem strong and commanding, but we need love, too (if you prick us, do we not bleed?  Well, yes, but we'll wait to get first-aid until after we get the shot).

I especially have to thank Michelle for exposing my blog to the Schmudde's  blog  Beyond the Frame, and getting some love for my post, When JB Met JR - Part 3 - We Must (Not) Shoot Today

Thanks for following my blog, and show your support to Michelle's as well.


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